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Let Greece Go!

Global economic chaos? Its all down to the problems in Greece, but its the fault of the politicians throughout Europe who are desperate to get on the Euro gravy train.

Why on earth keep Greece in the Euro. All this tosh about it being impossible to remove a country from the Euro once it is in it just doesn’t stand up. Greece has its own economy, civil service, tax gathering system, in fact everything apart from the bank notes that make up a unique currency. Simply print them in secret (maybe that is happening now) and on “D Day” (Drachma Day) declare 1 Drachma = 1 Euro. All civil servants are paid in Drachma, all Government funding / payments etc are paid in Drachma, this can be extended as relevant. Very painful and I’m sure will result in a fall in the value of the Drachma but no pain, no gain!

Also external banks will lose out as their loans to Greece will be now held in Drachma and as the Drachma falls in value the value of the loan will collapse – but there’s no way they will get the money back anyway so they are hardly losing anything!

The good bit. We will all go on Holiday to cheap Greece just like we used to. A coffee will now be the equivalent of £1  not the £3 it is now!  Exports will boom!  2 years pain and Greece can then start to recover.

The European economy can also start to get back to normal, all eyes that are now on Greece can get back to sorting out the other 95% of the Euro.

Perhaps do the same with Spain, Portugal and Italy? Again, 2 years of pain.

The alternative, realistically Greece is going to go through increasing pain, it can only recover if it turns itself into Germany and it can only do that if they have Germans in charge.

So why not redefine the Euro to get it back on track, slimmer and more powerful?

Very simple.

With the chaotic, corrupt, unaccountable,  and overpaid EU as it is, there are a great many politicians angling to get on the European Union gravy train. Get a job in Brussels, you are there for life whatever you do! You don’t have to be good at your job, there is little accountability, the less so the higher position you have.  You don’t have to stand for election.

In fact, look at the structure of the Nazi party and how it managed / ruled Europe and there are too many similarities. We are not talking about the violence and terror, this is the manner in which rules were made and passed down.

So, will our leaders pass up this chance to get on the EU gravy train by stating the obvious, the whole EU system needs changing ? Of course not, unless they don’t see it as an easy way to make money and have undeserved power!

Which failed UK politicians are we talking about? Kinnock for one, then there’s Mandleson. Baroness Ashton is a classic, an unknown in the UK, then she gets put into the position of head of the EU Foreign Office !!!

What about all the has been’s and never were’s on the European Court of Human Rights, totally unaccountable, poor decision making based on politics not law.


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