The Co-Op’s neon window displays

One and half metres by almost 2 metres


These are the displays that the coop is proposing to cover their windows with. Anybody coming in to Lenham on the Faversham road, on the right hand side of the road will be the ancient and historic mortuary, on the left hand side immediately opposite will be a huge plate of spaghetti bolognese.  Or, a tourist, or anybody,  will be able to admire our history and turn around and see a bowl of salad.

I suppose the spaghetti looking like worms and the mortuary somehow work together but it is inappropriate

Along with these will be neon signs, it will dominate the entrance to the village and totally alter its character.

There are no similar signs within or near the historic area of Lenham, All other shops have sympathetic shop fronts.

In proposing these signs, which no doubt will soon be changed to similar but advertising booze, the coop totally misled the meeting in the village hall where they presented themselves as sympathetic to the village and wanting to be part of it.

This is just one more step in applying for permission to build to a quality then progressively downgrading.

Parish Council’s Comment and Objections.

14/505125/FULL         Lenham Ironmongers 8 Faversham Road Lenham

3rd March 2015           Instalment of three new air conditioning units, one condenser unit

and one condenser pack.

We wish to see adequate provision of baffles and enclosure of the units. Prefer to see increased sound proofing provision. We re-iterate the original concerns for the effect on neighbouring residential properties and the quality of life of residents in the immediate vicinity. Wish to see refused.


15/501472/ADV           Lenham Ironmongers 8 Faversham Road Lenham

13th March 2015         Advertisement 9 x externally trough light fascia signs,

1 x internally illuminated projecting sign, 1 x projecting ‘paypoint’

Sign and 12 x full height window graphics.

The window graphics are not in keeping with the character of the

village. The illumination and signage is excessive and we are

concerned about the length of time the illumination will be in use.

Wish to see refused.

Not called into planning committee.




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2 responses to “The Co-Op’s neon window displays

  1. The proposed signs have been changed! Lenham will not be “Spaghetti Town”

    Lets hope this reversion to using windows as windows will not mean we have a window stacked with cheap booze! Lets see how ethical the Southern Coop really is.

  2. David

    Shit a brick! this is wholly unacceptable!

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